In July 2022 and January 2023, Zara Pfeifer documented the replacement of the 8.000 m2 football pitch at Olympic stadium in Berlin. The sod to cover the pitch and the necessary working machines need 30 trucks and are transported over 600 km from Slovakia to Berlin. Rollrasen is a series of photographs and video sequences in which Pfeifer shows the process of removal, preparation, replacement and recycling of the grass in what appears as a commentary on our globally networked economy in all of its physical consequences.

Installation view at Projektraum Ludwig Engel, Berlin 2023.

Inkjet poster print 200 x 275 cm.

Video on two screens, 16:9 vertical, 5 min. sound

The booklet Rollrasen was published as an edition of Space Issues (Space Department,
Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam).

Text by Ludwig Engel
Graphic design by Something Fantastic AD
11,5 x 18 cm
48 pages
17 images
Edition of 100